Anne Kaferle

Artist Statement

My paintings document the subtle, serene beauty in the local area at a specific time of day, time of year, weather circumstance, etc. But they also have a quality of continual change. In her book, Timefulness, geologist Marcia Bjornerud describes rocks as being verbs, rather than nouns…visible records of massive events. When viewed in the context of what a stone represents, humanity is a small part of an ancient and ever-changing planet, and we are encouraged to see value in adaptation and long- term thinking. These are slowly evolving landscapes of the distant past, landscapes of our present, and landscapes of a future planet.


Anne Kaferle was born and raised in Connecticut. She received a BA from Colby College (Art major, Geology minor) in 2003, followed by a graduate degree in Scientific Illustration from UC Santa Cruz in 2005. In 2006, she moved to Utah, eventually settling in Helper, a small desert town lying beneath 2000 ft. cliffs on the edge of the Colorado Plateau. Anne’s life centers on a profound respect and love for the natural world. Her primary artistic influence is time spent on local trails and rivers year-round, quietly observing. In turn, her landscape paintings draw from a deep, geologic sense of place.


Anne Kaferle’s CV