Anne Morgan Jespersen

Please contact the gallery for available paintings by Anne Morgan Jespersen.

Anne Morgan-Jespersen began her professional career as an architect and designer. She has worked on both residential and corporate architectural projects and was part of the team responsible for the restoration of Utah’s Governor’s Mansion. Later she followed a natural inclination toward painting and visual art. She has exhibited extensively in Utah and has received many awards in both art and architecture including the prestigious Henry Adams Award for Excellence in Architecture. Her paintings belong to collections throughout the world.

Ms. Morgan-Jespersen has been a part-time resident of Helper, Utah for the past ten years. She is an integral part of the “Helper Artist’s Movement”, considered to be one of two of the most significant art movements to come out of the state of Utah in the last 50 years. This unique group of like-minded people has dedicated their lives to art. In the “hard scrabble” landscape of Carbon County they are carving their own place in Utah’s art history. “

Along with her daily studio time, Anne is working on a series of paintings entitled, “ Contemporary Women of Utah”. This series is a cross-section and a historical documentation of women’s lives in Utah from 2012-2024. The commitment to this long-term project provides an opportunity to view the changes in her work over time as well as an opportunity to share perspectives with other women and the community.

Artist’s Statement

In a tunnel under a freeway, there is a wall given to Helper Junior High students to tag and spray as they deem fit. Painted there is a statement, “Art expresses that cannot be explained”.

This statement was poignant to me because in my process, creating art is an intensely private and personal experience. It is difficult to describe, because it is neither confined solely to materials or techniques nor is it explained through language.

When I am completely absorbed in my work there is a sense of mystery, chance, hope and a feeling of transformation. These elements become part of the painting. They are the part that connects us with each other.