Connie Borup

Artist Statement

Water is the crucial element to all living things. It is a precious part of our natural world.  I am drawn to painting water because of its many visual and symbolic properties.  It acts as a mirror to the sky and reflects its surroundings in unique and complex ways.  This visual complexity can hold the viewer’s attention longer leading to a meditative state. My paintings investigate the different levels of reality we can experience with a close observation of nature.


Connie Borup was born in Kaysville, Utah, which at that time was. small rural town. During her senior year of high school she was an exchange student to Germany, this experience both introduced her to a much larger world and to art history. She returned to Utah with determination to become an artist. Studies at the University of Utah led her to a degree in German as well as art. After teaching high school art and German for twenty years she returned to the university to obtain an MFA in painting and drawing. She completed her teaching career as an adjunct instructor at the University of Utah.

Since 1994 Connie has been a full time artist working from her studio in Sugar House. She is known for her large scale oil paintings of nature. Her view takes in the quiet and contemplative aspects of nature.


Connie Borup’s CV