David Richey Johnsen

 David Richey Johnsen may help us to recall, but he is as much an interpreter, inventor, and dramatist as an illustrator. David’s art is not simply a mirror held up to life. 

Reaching maturity as an artist in the early nineteen-eighties, rejecting the avant-grade influences to form a body of work that is a synthesis between his society and art. David produces works of art which are highly complex, both in construction and interpretation, and easily enjoyed for their entertainment quality. The city we see in Johnsen, re-flected through his work, is the city of art and truth transformed. 

David Richey Johnsen was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1952. Moving in 1970 to San Francisco, Johnsen first experienced the “moving masses” of a large city. In 1980 Johnsen moved to Las Angeles to be close to a larger art market. David was soon being included in such prestigious collections as: Sid Sheinberg, Marilu Henner, Wendy Stark, Peter Weller, Jackie Collins, Arnold Kolpolson, and John Berry. Corporate collections include: Universal Studios, Turner Network, Sundance Institute, CBS Records, Sony, and Arnesio Hall/Eddie Murphy Productions.