Gini Pringle

Artist Statement

45 years as a photographer…. That’s a very long time! These years have brought many changes in technique and technology, and by grasping them along the way, I hope to have found my “voice” in the photography world of today. Through digital capture I find I am able to experiment a great deal more than in the early days of film. Working with film gave me discipline. Working in the dark room gave me the fundamentals of photography that are the same whether it’s digital or film. However, it was when I embraced the digital format that the real fun began.

I print on metal and enhance some pieces with neon. In the beginning, it was the need to bring to life the dozens of cars images I captured during my Cuban travels. How could I make them look different than the millions of other car images that were exploding out of the “new” Cuba? Once I became familiar with the process of printing on metal, one idea led to the next. Since basically I am an urban photographer, anything with metal came to life. Literally in the middle of one night, I sat up and said to myself, ”what about adding neon?” My study of photography is an ongoing and constantly changing passion.


Gini Pringle was born in Salt Lake City in the late 40s and her early life was formed at Rowland Hall School. She attended Brown University, gradating in 1960. After college she married and eventually settled in Denver, CO, where she lived for over 30 years. She worked as a docent at the Denver Art Museum for 25 years and earned the coveted Ceil Bach award for service to the museum.

Her passion for photography started in the 70s at a place called the Denver Darkroom. Though Gini had no formal training in photography, over her lifetime she had the wonderful opportunity to study with many well known photographers. Many of them taught at the Santa Fe Workshops and Gini was presented with the opportunity to spend many weeks in Santa Fe. Her travels to the area were the spark for her passionate journey along Route 66.


Gini Pringle’s CV