Ceciclia Borghi

Marina Callis

Mercedes Castro Corbat 


I will give you a Dowry. It’s worth is not valued in precious stones or rare metals. This Dowry will be your wealth, your inheritance, my legacy, and your property. 

This collection is called “The Dowry”. It’s central idea is that in the past a dowry was usually a piece of jewelry; today the best dowry a woman can get is education. I live in a developing country where access to education is not distributed fairly. I teach young girls in disadvantaged areas how to read and write. Their daily commitment to achieve these skills requires great effort on their part. This experience made me realize that nowadays education is the most valuable dowry a girl can get. It is with the certainty and the commitment of their mothers that these girls will receive this dowry that will allow them to move a step forward out of their poverty. 

Laura Patrón Costas

Gabriela Horvat

Laura Leyt

Mai Solorzano

Sue Swinyard