Joshua Flicker

Artist Statement

Ceramic artist Joshua Flicker uses clay as a means to produce objects that mimic both natural and industrial. His work often starts on the potter’s wheel and from there multiple layers of colored slip (liquefied clay) are built up and then carved away.  Through this process, intricate patterns and designs reveal themselves, reminiscent of elements found in the natural world. Flicker’s bowls and vessels typically have a very detailed pattern or texture, which helps to create the illusion that they are made from stone or wood. The complex layering on the exterior of these pieces reveal an appearance of natural erosion, while the interior is smooth and polished. Flicker’s other work, a unique series of abstract teapots, is much more industrial. The exterior consists of subdued hues sealed with a combination of glossy and matte glazes. The addition of pipes, bolts, and gaskets to these pieces further exaggerate an industrial aesthetic. 


In 2005 Joshua Flicker completed a BFA in Art Education with an emphasis in ceramics.  That same year he moved to Salt Lake City, got married, and accepted a teaching job at Park City High School. He has been enjoying the mountains, sharing his art, and honing his craft ever since. 


Joshua Flicker’s CV