Paul Davis

Paul Davis, RR Man

After serving in the Air Force I went to Boston university which had a pretty solid art program. I earned a BFA,73, and an MFA,75. I studied with Phillip Guston and James Weeks. Shortly after that I drove across the country. Utah blew me away. I had no idea of what the red rock country was like. I went back to teach at The Art Institute of Boston where I learned of a position at the university of Utah. since I wanted to come here to paint the landscape, I applied, got the job, became a professor and department chair. I taught there for 25 years and continue to teach.   

The landscape here is so grand that it has taken me some time to express it in a way that seems my own. I’ve become fascinated by the surfaces of cliff walls and by what I see on the ground on my daily hikes. Erosion, decay, stains, varnishes, lichens, volumes, cracks, contrasted by freshly exposed planes, all modulated by light, wind, water, weather and time are incredibly beautiful and inspiring for a painter. Leonardo suggested that artists should study old walls to stimulate the imagination. In one way or another I have been doing that for years.