Royden Card

Artist Statement

I was introduced to (and immediately fell in love with) the red-rock and barren desert landscape of Utah at the age of eight. With instruction from my father I began painting at age fourteen.

Inspiration primarily comes from the desert landscape of the Southwest United States and the hand built structures of its’ indigenous people. I paint landscape which sometimes is not considered beautiful and usually labeled “badlands”. Though I love slick-rock and towering red cliffs, I think I love the multiplicity of greys, siennas, pale ochres, blud-green or Morrison mills, purples and faded umbers of the badlands, even more. They tend to be what I paint.


Royden Card was born in Cardston, Alberta, Canada. When he was four his family moved to Provo, UT, and then later to Orem, UT. He received a BFA (Painting) and MFA (Painting and Sculpture) from Brigham Young University where he taught printmaking for sixteen years.


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